In 1974, working as an individual agent, Jose Madeira was taking his first steps toward making his international business a dynamic reality, building relationships between Brazilian companies and unforeseen customers all over the world.

The initial efforts took place in South America. At that time, the political environment was very volatile. These conditions demanded extra effort and determination to maintain this kind of business. Today, the relationships are reality and, successful business relationships have grown with international leaders in their industries.

In 1979, the activities of the agent spirit were consolidated into a formal organization with positions and responsibilities well defined. Thus, the creation of Madeira Assessoria e Comércio Internacional Ltda.

Presently, with formal companies acting as local branches, operated by local people, the organization runs offices in Brazil and United States. Additionally, companies acting as associates for development projects and local assistance, are located in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

With a clear sight to the increasing possibilities and in the interest of the represented groups, the development of a location in the United States was made a reality in 1991. Founded by an equally ambitious pioneer, John Madeira, the new office was established in Exton, PA extending the scope of the relationship building philosophy.

Introducing products to new customers and, likewise, introducing new export markets to manufacturers in the U.S., M&P Technologies serves its customers as representatives, with tenacity and integrity. In this way, it molds and solidifies the long term relationships which have proven the key to unlocking the gates of success.



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